Bold Lactose Free Coffee Without Compromise, Brewed for Everyone


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Love milk, lose the lactose and embrace what feels good.

Introducing Lactose-Free Coffee

Love milk, lose the lactose and embrace what feels good.

All the rich taste you're looking for. Plus the goodness of dairy.

Milk is one of nature's richest sources of important nutrients such as; calcium, protein and vitamins B2 and B12. All we do is take out the lactose.

Introducing Iced Coffee without the Lactose.

And you're not going to miss that, are you?

The Future

In our vision for the future at Brew Barn, we aspire to expand our product offerings to include an array of delectable lactose-free treats, ranging from indulgent brownies and rich chocolates to irresistible milkshakes, cookies, cakes, and beyond. Our goal is to create a comprehensive selection of lactose-free goods that cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring that individuals with lactose intolerance can enjoy a diverse and satisfying culinary experience. As we look ahead, we envision not only delighting our customers with an extensive range of high-quality lactose-free delights but also collaborating with retailers to bring these products to stores. By making our lactose-free goods readily accessible, we aim to spread joy and inclusivity, allowing everyone to savor the delicious flavors of our lactose-free creations.

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Iced Coffee Delivered Straight To Your Door!

Experience the convenience of our lactose-free iced coffee delivered straight to your door with our special pack of 10 bottles. Crafted for those who crave a refreshing, lactose-free coffee treat, each 330ml bottle is a perfect balance of rich espresso and velvety smooth lactose-free milk. Now, with our 24-hour delivery service, you can enjoy the indulgence of our premium lactose-free iced coffee without leaving the comfort of your home. Whether you're stocking up for the week, planning an event, or simply seeking a quick and satisfying pick-me-up, our swift and reliable shipping ensures that a delightful iced coffee experience is just a doorstep away. Revel in the convenience of having your favourite lactose-free beverage at your fingertips, all within a day's time.