Delightful Cheeses for the Lactose Intolerant: Enjoying Dairy Without Discomfort

Are you a cheese lover struggling with lactose intolerance? Say goodbye to FOMO and hello to a world of delicious lactose-free cheeses! Despite lactose intolerance, you can still indulge in a variety of flavourful cheeses that won't leave you feeling uncomfortable. Let's explore nine delightful cheeses that are safe for the lactose intolerant palate:

1. Muenster: This semi-soft cheese from the United States offers a mild, slightly nutty flavour. With a lactose range of 0-1.1%, Muenster is a perfect choice for sandwiches or cheese platters.
2. Camembert: Hailing from France, Camembert is renowned for its soft, creamy texture and milky, grassy taste. With a lactose range of 0-1.8%, it's an ideal addition to any charcuterie board
3. Brie: Similar to Camembert but with a slightly higher lactose range of 0-2%, Brie boasts a creamy taste that pairs beautifully with fruit or baked in pastries.                                                            
4. Cheddar: A beloved cheese with origins in England, cheddar offers a nutty, crumbly texture. With a lactose range of 0-2.1%, it's perfect for macaroni and cheese or as a cheese sauce.
5. Provolone: Butter provolone, with a lactose range of 0-2.1%, adds a rich flavour to sandwiches, casseroles, or homemade pizzas without causing discomfort for the lactose intolerant.
6. Gouda: Whether smoked or plain, Gouda delights with its slightly sweet taste. With a lactose range of 0-2.2%, it's ideal for grilled cheese sandwiches or as part of a cheese platter.
7. Blue Cheese: Known for its bold flavour, blue cheese adds a pungent kick to salads or grain bowls. With a lactose range of 0-2.5%, it's a tasty choice for the lactose intolerant.


8. Parmesan: Pasta lovers rejoice! Parmesan's tangy flavour enhances spaghetti, pizza, or chicken Parmesan dishes. With a lactose range of 0-3.2%, it's a safe option for lactose-intolerant individuals.
9. Swiss: Originating from Switzerland, Swiss cheese boasts a yellow, medium-hard texture. With a lactose range of 0-3.4%, it's delicious in sandwiches, omelettes, or baked dishes.

    Indulge in these lactose-free cheeses without worry, and savour every bite without discomfort. Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply enjoying a snack, these cheeses offer a flavourful experience that's sure to please any palate, lactose intolerant or not. Say cheese and enjoy!

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